Monday, April 12, 2010

House of Shankars: Mr Ambassador welcomes Manmohan Singh in US

ON Sunday, Indian government issued this official photograph saying “The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh being received on his arrival at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, to attend the Nuclear Security Summit, in Washington on April 11, 2010”, without actually naming who is the one shaking hands with the PM and welcoming him in the airport.
In fact, the man in the photograph is Ajay Shankar, a 1973 batch Uttar Pradesh cadre IAS officer, who retired as industry secretary in December last year. No prize for guessing what he is doing in US, and more significantly, why is he welcoming the PM and his wife in the Maryland Air Force base?
Yes, you must have guessed it right by now. Mr Shankar is the husband of Indian ambassador to US Meera Shankar, a 1973 batch IFS, and has been staying in US after his retirement on December 31, 2009. Where is Mrs Shankar then? If you enlarge the photograph, you will notice ambassador Shankar in a yellow Sari behind PM’s wife.

Pandey is back in Maya House
The Uttar Pradesh government on Saturday reshuffled the postings of four IAS officers, including Vijay Shankar Pandey, a 1979 batch IAS, who was shunted out of the chief minister’s secretariat last month after Mayawati got upset about bad publicity over the Rs 200-cr B-Day extravaganza. Now, Mr Pandey will again be re-associated with the CM secretariat as he is attached to Mayawati’s residential office. In addition, he will be the principal secretary Food and Drug Authority (FDA).
On Sunday, Mayawati administration transferred 21 senior IPS officers, including eight Inspector General of Police.
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Who is this anonymous Reddy?
Just a few days after one assistant agriculture officer SV Rao from Karnataka’s Hindupur, was arrested for impersonating as an IAS officer in order to avail better facilities, the police seems to be clueless about who is Dr Srinivas Reddy? A man identifying himself as Dr Srinivas Reddy, has been e-mailing a senior IAS officer, E Rajshekarappa, Director, Economic and Statistics, Karnataka Agriculture Commission seeking information. The man has even e-mailed Karnataka chief minister PS Yeddyurappa, media reports said.

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  1. You have spotted a great picture man! Many could not have even identified Mr Shankar?

  2. "Karnataka’s Hindupur"

    Hindupur belongs to Andhra pradesh not karnataka, it shares its border with karnataka