Tuesday, March 30, 2010

24 ex-civil aviation secretaries to fly first class in Air India, get access to any part of all Indian airports

FINANCE secretary Ashok Chawla does not need to worry any longer how he would afford to fly first class with his immediate family members after retirement. Sounds odd, but a recent civil aviation ministry order has a reason to bring cheers to the finance secretary who is retiring on January 31, 2011.
Yes, Mr Chawla and other former civil aviation secretaries will now get a lifelong free air ticket upgrade facilities on Air India and free access to VIP lounge and any part of an airport anywhere in the country. After all, 24 ex-civil aviation secretaries such as K Roy Paul, Ajay Prasad and MK Kaw will be benefited by civil aviation ministry order dated March 16, 2010.
These facilities were earlier given only to former civil aviation ministers and ex-Air India CMDs. The ministry which has now decided to extend the facilities to former civil aviation secretaries too, sought a compliance report from Airports Authority of India, Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, airports and airlines by April 30, 2010.
However, facility of upgrades of tickets for self and immediate family of former civil aviation secretaries for travel to the highest class available by Air India or Indian Airlines will be subject to availability of seats, the order said.

Action and Appoitments
The extension of the inter-cadre deputation of Hari Krishna Paliwal, a 1981 batch UP cadre IAS from Uttar Pradesh cadre to AGMUT cadre (Arunachal Pradesh) till February 28, 2013 has been approved. He is currently posted in Arunachal Pradesh. 


  1. So, lets get set for a pandora's box of endless demands/requests/lobbying/begging... for similar benefit/looting by many other pressure groups.

  2. So the babus are again the kings of good times.....


  3. Babus are always one step ahead. Nowadays to avail the executive offers either one have to become babu or to become the family member of the babu.

  4. A blind man was distributing goodies and again and again he was giving to himself. This distribution of freebie should end forthwith. Why Manmohan is not taking notice of this and stopping this non-sense? Would someone shake his consciences to put an end on such freebie at the cost of exchequer?

  5. How inappropriate it looks!!! Extend the logic and what picture emerges? Ex Secretaries of Petroleum getting free petrol and cooking gas; ex Secretaries of Coal getting free coal; ex Secretaries of Food free food? Can we not stop this please like we abolished Privy Purse years ago?

  6. while every one is busy in bashing politicians babus escape with all freebies and corruption charges; corruption by politicians cannot happen without clandestine support from babus who are instrumental in finding the loopholes.