Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some Maha IAS write better Marathi than many a Marathi Manush

IAS officers posted in Maharashtra don't need to worry about a possible MNS backlash at least on one count -- their skill over local language. Thanks to the mandatory training, IAS officers posted in any state can not only speak the vernacular language but write it perfect. No wonder, their file noting are very much in the local language too. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena's (MNS) diktat to newly elected legislators to take oath only in Marathi and the subsequent vandalism in the Assembly on Monday after Samajwadi Party member Abu Azmi began taking oath in Hindi is being condemned across the country as an instance of extreme chauvinism and intolerance. But there are a number of "outsider" IAS officers in the state who can make Marathi Manush run for their money so long as their writing skill in Marathi is concerned. The classic case is that of Manu Kumar Srivastava (see picture), a 1986 batch Maharashtra cadre IAS hailing from Uttar Pradesh. Mr Srivastava, who is known as urban infrastructure man from Mumbai, thanks to his long innings as additional municipal commissioner of Greater Mumbai and then urban development secretary in the state, has such a good hand and excellent command that his writing in Marathi may impress all who matter in Marathi circle. A post graduate in physics, he is one of the key men in Mumbai who are deciding the fate of the dream infrastructure projects of India's financial capital. Delhi HC gives green signal to appoint a bureaucrat as next CIC Delhi High Court said on Monday that it is a misconception that a civil servant would not turn out to be a good Chief Information Commissioner (CIC). In a major blow to RTI activists' lobby to appoint a non-bureaucrat as the next CIC after Wajahat Habibullah resigned to take up his new appointment as J & K Information Commissioner, a Bench comprising Chief Justice A P Shah and Justice S Muralidhar said that someone outside bureaucracy might not necessarily become an effective CIC. The Court, however, said that a non-bureaucrat should be the first choice. In fact, a high-powered committee comprising the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and a Union minister nominated by the PM, is finalizing the name of the next CIC. Action & Appointments (i) Justice Krishnaswami Chandru, (ii) Justice V.Ramasubramanian, (iii) Justice S Mani Kumar, (iv) Justice A.Selvam, (v) Justice P.R.Shivakumar, (vi) Justice G.Rajasuria, (vii) Justice Thiruneelakantam Sudanthiram, (viii) Justice Saminathan Nagamuthu, (ix) Justice Shunmugavel Palanivelu, (x) Justice K.K.Sasidharan, (xi) Justice M Venugopal, (xii) Justice V.Periya Karuppiah, (xiii) Justice R Subbiah and (xiv) Justice Meenakshi Sundaram Sathyanarayanan, Additional Judges of the Madras High Court, have been appointed as Judges of Madras High Court, in that order of seniority, with effect from the dates they assume charge of their respective offices.


  1. That's quite common among IAS. But yes, some IAS may muster the vernacular language more than others. Mahajan

  2. Shame on all those who are beating the trumpet of Marathi Manush for last four decades or so. Marathi Manush is dying of hunger and committing suicide as successively his crops are failing and he is entangled in perennial debt trap. The Agriculture Minister is either busy amassing wealth or in Cricket. How strange is the phenomenon that those Regionalists forces and their leaders send their wards to English medium Convent schools but for their followers they beat the drum of learning only native language. They very well know that if their followers and serfs are exposed to the knowledge of English language, none would remain with them to follow their eccentric diktats. As the knowledge of English does not crate slaves rather it creates Judges and Lawyers, creates Scientists and Philosophers, and creates men with courage and compassion, as the basic principle of the Bible is that GOD HAS CRETAED MEN AS EQUAL. So, keep the ordinary people as their slaves, successively there keep on inciting the passion of people on this issue. There should be strict provision under law to ban such people from the public life.

    The Federal Government should also build and sustain institutions which are free from political influence and committed towards upholding Rule of Law and to provide opportunities to the people of all regions and areas of this country to grow in every filed of life. Railway is not a fiefdom of Railway Minister to recruit people of his state. This I say because there have been innumerable revelations in the pasts where lists of candidates to be recruited even for the smallest posts were issued by the office of Minister in Railways.

    As the old adage goes, Justice should not only be done but also appears to have been done, needs to be implemented in letter and spirit. Prior to independence, it was British and around 500 Princely states who ruled this landmass, now less than 50 families are ruling this. This is only happening due to the fact that modern education system which paves way for establishment of egalitarian society is intentionally not being implemented in the country by those who are in ruling echelon.

    Desist from dragging Sachin Tendulkar in the controversy of Indian vs. Marathi. He is a rare personality who has brought immense happiness in the life of millions of people of this country during last 20 years.

    United, strong, urban and enlighten India is required to be build if we have to fight the vices of caste, poverty and development in this country. Modern education system for all, irrespective of caste, class or religion, is the pre-requisite for building a strong nation.

    Oh the learned people of Maharasthra, throw the vandalism of perverse minded leaders deep down in the dustbin and create a vibrant nation in which all of us grow together….