Sunday, October 04, 2009

Railway officials take a lead in carrying forward spirit of ‘Science Express’

IN A major departure from politicians flagging off major railway initiatives, Indian Railways’ senior most bureaucrat and chairman of Railway Board S S Khurana inaugurated the phase-III of the ‘Science Express’ on October 2, 2009 at Gandhinagar, which will finally travel to 55 locations, covering about 18,000 km in the next seven months. Significantly, it was originally flagged off from New Delhi on October 30, 2007 by Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh and Chancellor of Germany. The train has been showcased in 108 cities across India in two phases. The sparkling white fully air conditioned train with 16 coaches was custom made and specially fabricated at Rail Coach Factory Kapurthala. According to railway ministry release, over 35 lakh people, mostly students, have already enjoyed learning about cutting-edge research in science, explained through interesting audio visual exhibits and interactive tools. Along with Railway Board chairman Khurana, several other senior railway officials were present at Gandhi Nagar station on October 2 to take part on the inauguration of the third phase of the train. (See picture) Straight From Files a) Life is fun at Railway Staff College (August 2, 2009) b) Sudhir Kumar should help Lalu recalculating Rs 90,000 crore railway surplus (July 13, 2009) c) Mamata announces a slew of welfare measures for railway employees (July 4, 2009) d) Railway officials may need to carry files to Kolkata now (May 27, 2009)

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  1. Why so many railway accidents

    This is in reference to accidents that we have witnessed yesterday in UP and Bihar regionr. As citizens we are entitled to know the root cause of the train accidents.

    1. Can people in the Indian Railways update us how many trains are equipped with train protection systems and warning systems
    2. How much money is spent per train in equipping the train with train protection systems and warning systems (TPWS and AWS)
    3. Which vendor or contractor did the work for implementing train protection systems
    4. What steps Indian Railways has taken to prevent such accidents
    5. We have read that Konkan Railways has developed Anti Collision Device indigenously. What are the current issues in the current system. If the current systems are not working, we should scrap them and buy from reputed international technology vendor and improve the safety
    6. Who is accountable for such accidents