Friday, September 04, 2009

Yet another netagiri Vs babudom: Should Indian politicians deserve a standing ovation from bureaucrats?

THERE is nothing unusual about politicians having a grudge against cushy bureaucratic jobs as civil servants are ever-green in corridors of power and need not go to masses for seeking fresh mandate. But the recent set of instructions for Indian babus, particularly the bizarre fiat of the Rajasthan government that bureaucrats must stand up to receive an elected representative, read politician, is going too far. The directive issued by principal secretary of the administrative reforms and co-ordination department of the Rajasthan government said if any MLA or MP drop in without an appointment, the bureaucrat must them a priority. Also, civil servants are asked to invite local representatives to all the official functions organized in the area he represents, and the seat for the politician should be reserved till the end of the function. As babu blogger mentioned in a post dated August 7, 2009, that Indian political masters recently imposed a set of additional instructions on how officers should behave with the Members of Parliament. Read, “Netagiri & babudom: A new set of instructions issued to help officers communicate with MPs”. Also, politicians from Goa recently criticized their bureaucrats as inefficient and non-cooperative. Tensions reached such a stage that the government of Goa began consultation with the Central government to create a separate cadre for the state of Goa only. Read, “Why do Goan Netas hate babus? State politicians demand separate IAS, IPS cadre only for Goa” posted on August 11, 2009. Also read, “My Take: Low Level European Civil Servants Lead In Brand-Building Of Europe’s Bureaucracy” posted on June 30, 2009. Action & Appointments a) Arvind Mehta, a 1984 batch Himachal cadre IAS officer has been appointed as joint secretary in the department of commerce, in the pay band of Rs 37400-67000 (PB-4) with a grade pay of Rs 10,000 for a period of 5 years. b) Rita Sharma, a 1974 batch UP cadre IAS and secretary department of rural development will hold the additional charge of the post of secretary, department of drinking water supply for a period of three months with effect from September 1, 2009. c) Bhaskar Chatterjee, a 1975 batch Orissa cadre IAS, and presently principal adviser, Planning Commission has been appointed as secretary, department of public enterprises in the ministry of heavy industries and public enterprises. d) R Bandyopadhyay, a 1974 batch IAS West Bengal cadre IAS, and presently secretary, department of public enterprises has been appointed as secretary, ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) in place of Anurag Goel, a 1972 batch UP cadre IAS. Mr Goel will now become Member, Competition Commission of India (CIC). babu blogger wrote it on August 3, 2009 that Mr Goel would be a CIC Member. Read, "Post-retirement plan for MCA secretary Anurag Goel & personnel secretary Rahul Sarin firmed up in advance"


  1. Unfortunately the rift between babus and netas is always on power & pelf; rarely an informed rift on issues of governance affecting the quality of our life...

  2. Politicians should command respect rather than asking civil servants to respect them by such bizzre orders. Netagiri remains a big issue in this vibrant democracy

  3. Kowtowing before politicians shouldn't be a norm rather an exception. A person is respected due to his qualities not position...