Monday, September 07, 2009

Govt sends reminder No 3 to ministries before fixing lump-sum cash incentives for outstanding sportspersons

THE Central government has continued to remind its ministries to furnish views on the proposal of fixing a lump-sum incentive amount to be granted to sportspersons who win a gold, silver or bronze medal in national or international tournaments. The department of personnel and training (DoPT) has recently issued a letter with a big font-sized hand written letters, “Reminder No III” emphasizing that the ministries should furnish their views on the subject without any further delay. As the Commonwealth Games, 2010, to be held in New Delhi is approaching, and India is seriously bidding for Olympic Games for 2020, the move is believed to encourage outstanding sportspersons and create healthier environment for sports culture. The department had earlier issued two office memos regarding the same, one in August, 2008 and the other in October, 2008. But most ministries have not furnished their views as yet, making it difficult for the government to go ahead in formulating a policy whereby lump-sum incentives for the distinguished sportspersons can be determined. A copy of the office memo dated August 26, 2008 has been uploaded on the DoPT website. “All the Ministries/Departments are again requested to expedite the matter and furnish their considered views at the earliest to enable this Department to review the existing provisions for grant of incentives to Government servants who show excellence in the sporting events of National and international importance,” a DoPT letter said. The policy may also clear doubts whether their earnings are taxable or not. In case of Olympics gold medalist Abhinav Bindra, for example, authorities declared him as a non-professional sportsperson, exempting him from paying income tax. However, several other Olympians such as Gagan Narang, Saina Nehawal, Sathi Geeta and J J Shobha were given cash incentive of Rs 5 lakh each last year by Andhra Pradesh government, but the cheques were given after IT deduction and each sportsperson got a cheque for Rs 3.45 lakh only.

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  1. Sportspersons need to be encouraged in a big way so that India can script success story in international sports events...There is no dearth of talents. Only need to be harnessed in a proper manner..