Monday, May 04, 2009

Know Your Babu: Arvind Jadhav, IAS, CMD, NACIL (Air India, Indian)

Name: Arvind Jadhav

Assumes office as the new Chairman and Managing Director of National Aviation Company of India Limited (NACIL) on Monday. Batch & Cadre: 1978 batch IAS of Karnataka cadre Date of Birth: 05/06/1956 Place of Domicile: Uttar Pradesh Mother Tongue: Marathi Indian Languages Known: English, Marathi, Kannada and Hindi Foreign Languages Known: French and German

Educational Qualifications Masters Degree Geography, First division PG diploma, International Trade IIFT, New Delhi

Graduation Kanpur University with English, Economics, History, First division Some Major Postings * Assistant Commission, Mysore, Land Revenue Management & District Adminstration ( From 01/08/1980 to 01/05/1982) * Managing Director Karnataka Silk Marketing Board (From 01/12/1984 to 01/05/1986) * Managing Director Mysore Minerals Ltd * Joint Secretary Union Ministry of Power, (From 05/07/2001 to 04/01/2007) * Principal Secretary Joint Secretary Level - Infrastructure Development Department, Bangalore Foreign Trainings Diploma of Export Promotion (4 weeks in Italy in 1987) MBA in Personnel & General Admn 1-year in Australia in 1998)

(Inside an Air India plane: Will the Maharaja see a turnaround?)


  1. Mr. Arvind Jadhav, IAS, CMD of AI has been referred to as a "confused man" in the print media by AI Pilots Association. Three of AI's unions have petitioned President Prathiba Patil seeking his removal. Based upon personal documented evidence, Mr. Jadhav does not live up to his written promise in AI's in-flight magazine that he will personally reply to passengers letters. It took a dozen on-board and on-line letters to get his two liner response that he is referring the matter dealing with flying B-777 aircrafts with malfunctioning electrical wiring, no in-flight entertainment system and cabin lights in Executive Class from Delhi to Chicago on AI 127 on July 3, 2009. Mr. Jadhav has shown his gross incompetence as CMD of AI in being unable to attend to concerns of full-fare paying (Rs. 1,77, 501) Executive Class travelers.

    Under Mr. Jadhav's leadership, AI will never ever have a positive bottom line. He is a financial liability. He has been given the opportunity to lead, but he is taking the opportunity to mislead, by misleading he is destroying AI, the national carrier. The B-777 was allowed to fly from Delhi to Chicago knowing that the electrical system is dysfunctional. The Captain apologized on the PA system before take-off about dysfunctional electrical system and asked the passengers to write to the management.

    I strongly recommend that Mr. Jadhav be promoted to a higher level in accordance to the Peter Principle. He is the cause of lower staff morale at AI.

    Dean M. Habeeb Ghatala, Ph.D., MHA

  2. mr jadhav,
    u ias guys not fit for this service industry business, because now a days it is highly competitive and your teanure we have seen air india maharaja has become mahabhikari, it is really shame to the nation,mr jadhav u are a geography graduate, in ur time trird division guys use to go in this stream, after that u have become IAS, what is required, to study regorously the huge volume of informations which is having of no use in modern advanced business model, for that huge logical i.e analytical i.e mathematical knowhow is required, do u have that? answer is no because u r arts graduate. u will find those thing in IITians or IIT-IIM guys, because those institutes teaches them how to tackle and handle any damn situation. thats why in todays business they are top officer and running organisation smoothly even ten times bigger than air india. U ias gus born corrupted and futher learn corruption from ministers, they use to get illegal job done by u. I have never seen one ias has done some good thing for the country, rather seen thousands involved in corruption, do u know most biharis go to this profession, because they know once they become ias they ll get huge money thru marriage and throughout the life they will enjoy power and tax paid money.u know how to screw up common man of india like our ministers, u r never constructive,always create caos. I have seen to turn around PSUs like ONGC by Subir Raha was an engineer not an arts graduate ias.
    i have come to know that lot of IITians are in air india, ur management does not want them to come up in top position, rather after the strike u r screwing them up,if u dis-respect IITians u can not turn around the company, bring them up, they are the real jewal who can solve any sort of proplem.
    see aiditya ghosh in indigo, is an IITian.
    being an indian i can not see air india ailing condition, it is proud of india, i think u ll understand...

  3. i flew recently with airindia..I got good competitive pricing from chicago to hyd compared to others and service..i can live with that.i got very poor responce when the entertainment system was not working all the way from chicago to delhi for the whole aircraft.

  4. not only air india there needs to be experts heading and part of all the government departments of the GOI

  5. A thriving company does not fail due to pilots.The skies opened and that helped Jet-Air,Kingfisher etc.Profit making routes were taken from Air-India and given to these Airlines that didnt have to spend a penny to create any market. Namely-Germany,Thailand,among other european destinations and Air-India was given a totally stepmotherly treatment.With pocket filling beaurocrats who literally plunderd Air-India,granting contracts to various companies on exorbitant rates,and getting outside people to run Air-India express on exorbitant salaries,but delaying the payment of already employed people.There is a conspiracy to finish Air-India.But the deaf,blaming only a section of people and hiding the true reasons for the financial mess.And by the way it makes no sense to keep a loss making trouble making person as the head of this organisation,better sack that 1 than the plane flying 9 pilots.


  7. I am surprised why is the government still posting a non-technical person to lead an organization which is becoming highly specialized and technical. Non-functioning lights of cabin, the entertainment system defect-- they all need technical and financial support to overcome the problem. This guy will only be attending to the financial issue, while being crafty taken away from the technical angle, leading to him becoming eventually a money saver! implying no-repairs of defects..leading to deterioration of services by the airline...leading to loss of revenues..poor reputation..and so on.

  8. Today's TOI's report was a bit disturbing about the CMD getting
    unlimited free passages for himself and family.
    Hope this does blow out of propotion and hence give the unions some leverage. It will be a wonderful example if the CMD of a crisis ridden Airline uses this opportunity and do something revolutionary and announce
    a limit of say 3-5 free passages a year and beyond that the CMD and family has to pay the fuel surcharge.You will go down
    in history as a hero.This step will not only take the wind out of the sails of the Unions, but also pave the path for the future
    as this will in all probability become a permanant feature and wont be prone to abuse.
    After all, a posting in AI is transient and it will set a wonderful
    example to other bureaucrats as it does build up moral pressure. Also, do not forget the simplistic approach, people
    like Mr. Narayan Murthy , Azim premji, Nilekani have, by travelling in economy while flying, Mr Murthy using an Opel Astra
    and lately Mt Nilekani( UID Chief) shifting to Karnataka Bhawan and using a TATA Indica for commuting.
    Great men, .really live by example...not by symbolic gestures.

  9. Sir,since it has come to light that so much of black money and illgotten bribe money has been parked in real estate in benami names thus inflating the real estate market in the cities , I suggest that like for tenant verification is done on security grounds, similarly every major property in the metros should be verified and put up on a national database. This will have a revolutionary impact on the affordability of houses for the middle classes who are otherwise being crushed.

  10. It's probably only in India, that people responsible for completely destroying an airlines, are not only let free but are ridiculously promoted as well.. Praful Patel was promoted to heavy industries and news is that Arvind Jadhav is also on his way out but not without a promotion.. So while the employees bear the brunt of their sins, these fu**ers will enjoy life as they always have.. I hope they rot in hell!

  11. If one was to study Arvind jadhavs track record his longest stint has been at the Centre in the Ministry of Power. His stints as an Administrator in Kaernataka have never been for more than a year on average (in any department) and he has been a less than average performer. Was his posting at the helm of Air India a fallout of BJP - Congress politics at the state (given that Arvind is a known Congress handyman???) or was he given the post as a reward for past favours when he was in the Power ministry.... All in all he is a total misfit in a job which calls for a hard boiled specialist....he certainly is a rolling stone with no moss!!!!

  12. Jadhav Sacked. Sack all IAS Babu heading commercial PSU's.

  13. On December 7, 2009, based on personal experience of pointing out that AI CMD did not practice what he preached in writing in the in-flight magazine. I wrote about Mr. Arvind Jadhav's capability or lack it, to be frank, to run AI. The poweers to be realized it almost two years later. He has been a disaster in the eyes of AI employees and a financial liability. Having been removed from AI,I hope that Mr. Jadhav is promoted to a high level desk job.

    Dean M. Habeeb Ghatala